Earn winter renew advantage points

Are you a Renew Advantage member? This winter earn more points towards your Renew Advantage Membership when you participate during these events. Ask us how to get a Renew Advantage Membership to save on skincare. January* – New Year? Why not try a new product? With any new product skincare purchase at skinfo® or skinfo.com, get 5 points (minimum $25 purchase). February** – What do you love the most about your skin? Post** your answer on the Advanced Dermatology or skinfo® Facebook pages, get 2 points for your post. March* – Buy a gift certificate of $50 or more for a friend or family member, from Advanced Dermatology or skinfo® Specialty Skincare Boutique, get 10 points. *One per client per month. **One post per page.

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