Choosing the right foundation for your skin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I receive many questions when working with clients on their makeup routines, and the number one is "what kind of foundation should I be using?" Choosing the right foundation is not always the easiest, but with this easy-to-follow guide, even the makeup novice should have no trouble deciding  the perfect foundation to use. skinfo carries a variety of foundations, suitable for all skin types. Dry to normal skin If you have dry skin, choose a hydrating liquid or powder foundation.  A creamy, rich, hydrating liquid or mouse foundation will deliver the hydration that your dry skin needs. (1) ColoreScience sheer crème: Sheer to medium coverage $47.25; (2) skinfo pressed mineral powder: Sheer to medium coverage $40.00; (3) GloMinerals liquid foundation: Sheer to full $42.00; (4) gloMinerals pressed mineral base: Sheer to full $42.00       Oily to acneic skin Choosing the correct foundation for your oily skin is the key to having a radiant complexion, and to help prevents break outs from happening. Choosing oil-free foundation will help absorb any excess oil that your skin produces giving your skin a beautiful, smooth, matte finish.  (1) skinfo pressed mineral powder: Sheer to medium coverage $40.00; (2) Avene high protection tinted compact SPF 50: medium coverage $35.75; (3) gloMinerals pressed mineral base: Sheer to full $42.00; (4) ColoreScience pressed mineral foundation: medium to full coverage $57.75 Invisible Setting Mist ($20.00) by skinfo is a lightweight mist that does not alter the color or texture of your foundation, but sets you foundation in place.  This can be used on all skin types and helps your makeup last longer. skinfo Hydrating Antioxidant Facial Spray ($16.00) is the perfect boost for any skin type.  Containing green tea to soothe, and pomegranate extracts to hydrate the skin. Perfect for a mid-day pick me up for your skin and your makeup! For a little help in the oil department, skinfo’s Shine Control ($40.00) goes over foundation to absorb excess oil and mattifies skin.  It can be reapplied as needed! With this guide, choosing the right foundation for your skin should be a breeze. Don’t be afraid to experiment with liquids vs. powders.  Finding the right foundation will leave your skin with a flawless and beautiful finish. *All prices are subject to change.  Please refer to product page for product pricing.

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