Healthy & Stylish Hair, Winter 2014 Newsletter

Winter is here! It is time to layer up and blast the heat. With these frigid temperatures and dry air, it’s important not to forget about taking care of your hair. Dry air is derived from the lack of moisture along with the cold temperatures. As your skin may start to feel dry, so does your hair. Your hair and skin both have the same pH levels and both should maintain optimal balance all year long. Here are the steps to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Using shampoos and conditioners that lock in moisture to your hair and that contain vitamins and nutrients to strengthen. gloEssentials Moisture Enhance Hydrating Shampoo 8oz ($26.00) Revitalizes normal to dry hair and locks in moisture. Super nourishing phyto-botanicals in soy, black cumin seed and acai essential oil gently restores hydration. gloEssentials Moisture Enhance Hydrating Conditioner 8oz ($28.50) Detangles and adds instant hydration for normal to dry hair. Black cumin seed provides quickly absorbing humectants while soy amino acids protect and seal in moisture for healthy, beautiful hair. Flyaways? Static? Once your hair is dry, try applying a small amount of serum to the mid-shaft and ends. The serum coats the hair shaft allowing it to weigh down. My favorite: gloEssentials Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil 4.6oz ($36.00) Conditions and repairs with essential fatty acids and antioxidants that instantly absorb to protect, soften and restore natural shine. Nourishing argan and coconut oils reduce dryness, frizz and flyaways for a silky-smooth healthy appearance. It will not leave your hair greasy either. My hair drinks this stuff. You can also use it while your hair is still damp and it will cut your blow drying time. *All prices are subject to change.  Please refer to product page for product pricing.

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