It’s time to lighten up!!

What a lovely summer it’s been! Though it’s been a little cooler, I’m sure many of us made it to the beach at some point, with our sunscreen of course. Now that fall is here, it’s the best time to start planning any treatments involving skin lightening for pigmentation. It’s always difficult to do these treatments during the summer because we are more exposed to the sun. Certain products and treatments can make us more susceptible to more pigmentation. Regardless, everyone should be using a sunscreen and reapplying every 1 ½ -2 hours when exposed. When it comes to getting rid of pigmentation, there are three things we should have in our regimen. The first, and most important, is sunscreen. Any sunscreen containing 5% zinc oxide or higher is key. Skinfo’s Pure Protection Ultra ($40 for 3.5 oz) is excellent because it contains 20% Transparent Zinc oxide and is SPF 35 to give you the best protection. It also contains vitamin E for added hydration! The second product everyone should use is a chemical exfoliator. This is recommended to stimulate the collagen in the skin, help with cell turnover and to make products more easily absorbed into the skin, like SkinMedica Retinol Complex .25. Finally the last product to help lighten pigmentation is the lightening product. Products that contain a 4% hydroquinone target and breakup the pigment. Neocutis Blanche ($120 for 1 oz), contains 4% Hydroquinone along with the amazing ingredient Melaplex. Melaplex is known to brighten the complexion along as well as suppress any pigment that has not come to the surface. For more sensitive skin, Hydroquinone may not be the best option.  Elure’s Advanced Lightening Lotion or Cream ($125 for 1.5oz lotion or 1.7oz cream) is a great option because it’s very effective without the hydroquinone.  Elure uses a mushroom extract to help lighten pigment and fade it from the top down. Here at Skinfo, we always recommend getting a complimentary consultation with our Visia Skincare Analysis machine.  This allows us measure the amount of sun damage and environmental damage in your skin. After 3 months of consistent use of the lightening regimen, we will have you come back in to do a follow-up Visia photo which gives us the opportunity to see the improvement in your skin. So come to Skinfo, and let’s get started today! *All prices are subject to change.  Please refer to product page for product pricing.

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