Skincare Products for Married Couples

Have you always been curious about what your significant other is using to take care of their skin? Seeing all those different colored bottles can be quite intimidating. But have no fear, you can use them as well! Here are skinfo®'s top 5 products that couples can use together: Let's start with a cleanser. EltaMD® Foaming Facial Cleanser ($22) is great for most skin types. Whether you're oily or dry, a little exfoliation with EltaMD® will leave you and your significant other's skin looking and feeling like new! Another set of products that I know couples will love to use are Avène® Shaving Foam ($15) and Avène® Dermo-K ($28). The shaving foam is light weight, oil free, hypoallergenic and allows for the closest possible shave. It's fantastic for those with delicate and sensitive skin. If you or your significant other is prone to ingrown hairs, the Avène® Dermo-K will soothe, and soften the skin to allow the hair follicle to grow and be a preventive for future ingrown hairs. How about sunscreen? Everyone and any one should have a sunscreen they use daily. Rain or shine, summer or winter, we all need to protect our skin! This will help prevent future aging. Consider using skinfo® Vita Lite Protect Sunscreen SPF 50+ ($30). It’s an oil free moisturizer with SPF 50, but contains green tea, bisbolol, Vitamin C to soothe, and give us the extra protection against free radical damage. But most importantly, this daily sunscreen contains 13.5% Zinc Oxide. This skinfo® sunscreen is great for all skin types even those who are sensitive, so go ahead and help you and your significant other stay protected from the sun! Finally, everyone should use preventative care for their eyes. Of course I'm sure you love your significant other's natural laugh lines, but to help prevent unwanted wrinkles not caused by laughing or smiling, try SkinCeuticals® A.G.E. Eye Complex ($93). It's great if you want to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, darkness, and puffiness around the eyes. Containing proxylane to stimulate collagen, and blueberry enzyme to prevent collagen break down, and caffeine to help with circulation, use this eye cream twice a day for best results! *All prices are subject to change.  Please refer to product page for product pricing.

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