Spring 2016 Top 5 Must-Have Products, Winter/Spring 2016 Newsletter

StTropezBronzingMousseSt. Tropez Bronzing Mousse $44

Let’s face it, you’re feeling pasty, dull and winter just wrecked havoc on your dry skin. This bronzing mousse is a gentle self-tanner with a luxurious formula. Meaning, it does not leave you orange. Apply it with an applicator mitt for that streak-free airbrush glow. Has a nice floral scent so you don’t smell like a fake tan. BONUS! No UV exposure to contribute towards your wrinkles and brown spots!

skinfoVitaLipskinfo® Vita Lip $18

We all want luscious lips right? With your Juvéderm® or not, you need this ultimate skinfo® staple! This peppermint lip plumper stimulates your own collagen production in your lip tissue but is also a clear gloss too. Peptides plump and increase lip volume. In a clinical study, women who applied Vita Lip 3 times a day for 29 days had a 70% increase in lip softness, 40% increase in lip volume, 60% improvement in lip hydration, 100% improvement in lip condition and a 29% reduction in surface folds and creases.

GMBlushPapaya_Thumbglo•minerals Blush in Papaya $27

I love buying new makeup when the seasons change. This mineral blush is highly pigmented blended with antioxidants including Vitamins A,C, E and Green Tea Extracts which are essential to maintain healthy skin radiance. This color is the perfect balance of coral and pink- a great spring color! It really gives you that natural flush right on the apples of your cheeks.

ElizabethArdenPROTripleElizabeth Arden PRO Triple Protection Factor SPF 50+ $59

Although I have many, this is one of my favorite products! It’s a 3 in 1 multi-functional day cream to target all areas of your daily skincare needs. Premature aging doesn’t just come from UVA and UVB radiation it can also come from environmental factors such as pollution. This product is packed with antioxidants to neutralize free-radicals. On top of any other one of our sunscreens, it has a DNA Enzyme Complex. This means it repairs damaged DNA in our skin. Finally, it has an SPF 50+ which means its moisturizing and has a 5.5% Zinc Oxide and 5.5% Titanium Dioxide. Oh, and it’s also tinted!

BeutifootExfoliatingFootBeautifoot Exfoliating Foot Peel $35

This at home foot peel sloughs off dead skin and gets those feet ready for sandal weather. Pop these little booties on for 90 minutes while you’re cozying up on the couch with a glass of wine while finishing up your Scandal marathon on Netflix. You’ll notice your feet will start to peel 5-7 days after. Make sure not to pull off the skin but you can lightly pumice them.

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