The Perfect Eyebrow, fall 2014 newsletter

 Eyebrows have the ability to completely transform our face. Eyebrows not only frame and lift our face, but they also help polish our look. The first thing you want to do to obtain the perfect eyebrow is to get to know your face. The shape of your face is a great indicator of what shape your eyebrows should take. People with a square shaped face should keep their eyebrows softly rounded and thick to balance a heavy jawline. However, people with a round face shape should keep a high angular arch to elongate the face and make it appear less rounded. It is best to keep the brows straight for a long face shape. A straight eyebrow will highlight the horizontal features of your face and will make the face appear shorter. With a heart shaped face, it is best to keep the brows soft and rounded. Lastly, an oval face should keep the brows softly arched. Fortunately, individuals with an oval shaped face can pull off most eyebrow shapes.

Now that you have determined the shape of your eyebrows, the next thing you want to do is to determine the length by vertically measuring to the nostril. The brows should start at the bridge of the nose and the arch should start about two-thirds of the way out. To determine where the brow should end, imagine a line from the outer nostril of the nose to the outer edge of your eye.

Once the perfect brow is achieved, maintenance is the next step. Filling in your brows with skinfo® Wonderbrow ($20) will keep the shape of your eyebrow looking fresh in-between waxing/tweezing. It also helps fill in any sparse areas and helps enhance the overall shape. When choosing a color for your brows, keep in mind that women with darker hair should go a shade lighter for their brow filler and lighter hair should go a shade or two darker. For this reason, skinfo® Wonderbrow comes in six shades so there is a perfect match for everyone. skinfo® Wonderbrow colors Lauren, Pamela or Cindy best suit lighter hair, Halle and Eva look great on brunettes, and Julia is perfect for red heads or hair with auburn tones. skinfo® Wonderbrow is available at skinfo® and, so stop in today to determine your skinfo® Wonderbrow color. Eyebrows are often the first thing people see when they look at you, so keep them in shape.


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