2015 Makeup Trends and How They Affect Skincare

We know makeup is a fun way to express our creativity while highlighting our best features and even occasionally transforming ourselves into different people. Unfortunately, what many people don’t realize is that makeup can lead to unexpected health issues if not regularly maintained and replaced- and what good is makeup if wearing it only damages your skin? Make sure you know how to avoid unwanted skincare issues by following these tips in relation to popular makeup trends. 

Black liquid eyeliner can be used to fill in lashes and brighten sleepy eyes, but beware: if eyeliner isn’t removed for an extended period of time, it can cause a blockage of tear ducts. Old or opened eyeliner can grow bacteria and lead to bacterial infections of the skin and eyes, and eyeliner containing harmful ingredients might cause deposits of harmful chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin and eyes. To keep your cat eye makeup and your health, keep your eyeliner closed and stored away when it’s not being used, and never share your eyeliner. That way, you’ll avoid bacterial growth.

Red lipstick is an instant confidence booster, but if you’re not careful, lipstick can dry out your skin. Recent studies have shown that some lipsticks contain small amounts of lead, which can travel through your system via your lips; other studies have found traces of other harmful metals like chromium, cadmium, manganese, and aluminum. Finally, mineral oil in lipstick blocks your pores, and if it’s not removed properly, it can affect the skin’s development and functioning. To keep your lips rocking without any skincare issues, minimize the number of times you reapply during the day. While the FDA has determined that there’s little risk from the small amounts of heavy metals found in lipstick, constant reapplication could lead to an ingestion and absorption rate of nearly 87 milligrams per day.

Eye shadow accentuates your eye color, but it can cause many of the same problems as eyeliner, especially if it’s expired and prone to causing bacterial infections. Eye shadow can also dry your eyelids’ skin if used too often, leading to inflammation or even eczema. Many people are allergic to red dyes found in some eye shadows, so avoid these if you can.

Finally, foundation also acts as a non-porous second skin, blocking your pores from oxygen. Wearing too much foundation or wearing foundation too often can worsen your skin tone, and any chemical in your foundation will also be absorbed into your skin, potentially causing allergic reactions. Old and expired foundation can lead to bacterial infections of the skin and eyes. Make sure to remove your foundation before bed to decrease the risk of clogged pores and skin reactions. In general, when choosing a new makeup, test it out first on a small part of skin on your arm; this goes for cosmetics, lotions, and cleansers as well.

By regularly replacing your makeup and using these best makeup tips, you’ll enjoy a healthy face while also getting to try the latest makeup trends.

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