Just received my product.

"Just received my product. I would like to compliment you on not only the superior product, but also the gracious way in which you wrapped all of the products. The box looked like a true present just waiting for me to unwrap it and begin to enjoy my great "prize"held within. Thanks so much. Anna also sent within the box, a card with hand written message of thanks. This is a wonderful, special way to do business. Glad to be among you all." 


IMMEDIATE Improvement

"I was prescribed the Neocutis Bio-Restorative HydroGel for my acne scars and I IMMEDIATELY saw improvement, my redness and irritation seems to diminish every time I use it. Not only does my skin feel more hydrates and clam, I have also seen improvement in the fine lines around my eyes!"

—Brittany, 24


My new favorite product

"Elta 46 is my new favorite product! It goes on really lite, but I love how it gives me enough hydration without that greasy feel to it. After using the Elta 46 for a couple of weeks, I noticed a difference with my skin. I noticed my acne scars healing and diminishing as well as my skin tone looking healthier. Finally I found a lightweight sunscreen with great added benefits for my acne skin!"

—Rosa, 32


Skin does not feel tight after cleansing

"I just want to let you know how thrilled I am with your Skinfo Vital Tea Cleanser. I have been using expensive products for years, and have never used a cleanser that left my skin feeling so moisturized and soft. My skin does not feel tight after cleansing; in fact it feels as though I have moisturized it. Thanks for recommending this great product."

—Jean H., 55


Best eye cream for dark circles!

"I have to say SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex has been so far the best eye cream for dark circles. I have been using my sample for 4 days and noticed a brighter look. I used Teamine and Lumiere for a long time and did not notice much of a change in the darkness. I am so glad that I found something to get rid of my shadows!"

—Mari, 32


Smells like oranges!

"The Brightening Facial Wash by Revision is great because it leaves my skin feeling matte but not dried out. Not to mention it smells like oranges!"

—Ally, 18


A very little goes a long way!

"SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex is a perfect treatment eye cream to improve my texture, brighten and hydrate my skin. A very little goes a long way! I use it once daily at night!

—Suzy, 30


I can feel a difference

"Last Friday, I purchased Retexturizing Activator to use twice a day. As of Wed, just 6 days after using the product, I can feel a difference in how my skin feels. My dry patches are practically gone! thanks!"



I'm using Skinfo skincare products

"I started using the skinfo boutique products in November 2007 and I see an amazing improvement in the condition of my skin. My darks spots are no more, my dry red under my eyes gone, my skin is hydrated and feeling tight. I really see a difference.I am very happy because I am not a big fan for plastic surgery. I use a sequence of 4 products in the A.M. and 5 products in the P.M. My sales associate was kind enough to label the products for me in which order to use them(that's important). I would (and do) recommend your products to people. Whenever I get a compliment on my skin I tell them skinfo, using their products!"

—Terri Rappaport, 48


I did NOT break out in hives!

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the Elta MD Sport 50 sunscreen. It was the first time I did not break out in hives while using a sunscreen. You cannot imagine how happy that made me! During my week long vacation in the Caribbean, I did not burn! The sunscreen did not run in my eyes and did not rub off on my clothes. It is a wonderful product and I am recommending it to everyone."

— A very pleased customer


Love the Colorescience Sunforgettable® SPF30 powder

"I just got back from 6 weeks in Maui. Boy do I love the Colorescience Sunforgettable® SPF30 powder. It is so helpful and does not make me feel hot and sticky while I protect my skin!! Many thanks"

—Karen Paul, 49, IL


Remove excess bacteria

"The Skinfo Clean & Tone Pads are great for after I wash my face to remove any excess bacteria I missed. They’re great for after I work out to prevent future bacteria spread and breakouts!"

—Ally, 18

Very Pleased

Just a quick note to let you know how very pleased I am with the glo Skin Beauty gloSheer Tint Base I bought last week before going on a trip. The product works just as I want it to, and is wonderfully easy to apply with the applicator brush I bought to go along with it. Many thanks for providing a product like this that meets my needs.

—B.S. Glenview, IL


My son didn’t get sunburned

"That Blue Lizard really works way better than any other sunscreen we have used. We used it on our son, who was on an antibiotic that makes you more sensitive to the sun and he didn’t get burned at all. My other children used a well-known brand’s SPF 45 and all of them got red shoulders!”



Morning Security Cream

"I have been using skinfo Morning Security Cream for the past year and there is NOTHING that I found to be more moisturizing. It also is great because it saves me time in the morning because it combines my antioxidants, moisture and SPF all in on easy step!"



Lips feel great! 

SkinCeuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair conditions dry lips and eliminates flaking. Lips feel great and lipstick goes on smoother. A must in the winter!”



I had a makeover

I had a makeover today with Susan and Ally was at the front desk.  The two girls were so friendly and warm.  Susan did an amazing job and made me feel so comfortable, you should be VERY proud of them. I will be back again!" -BD