LATISSE® Consultations

Patients with short or inadequate eyelashes (hypotrichosis) can benefit from Latisse®. This once-daily solution is a safe eyelash enhancer proven to increase eyelash length, thickness, and darkness in just a few short months.
To start using Latisse®, schedule an appointment at skinfo®. A licensed esthetician will consult with you to instruct you on proper usage, go over potential side effects and take a before photo! *Before photos and a consultation are required before purchasing Latisse®.

Who should use Latisse®?
Adults who want longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes but are not pregnant or nursing and are not allergic to any ingredients in Latisse® are good candidates. If you have a history of eye pressure problems, use caution when using Latisse®.

How do I use Latisse®?
Place one drop of Latisse® on the disposable applicator once nightly. Apply to skin of upper eyelid at the base of the lashes. Blot off excess solution and dispose of applicator. Use a new applicator and repeat with the other eye. Do not apply to lower eyelid. Use of Latisse® more than once daily will not enhance results any more than once daily use.

What are the potential side effects when using Latisse®?
Most commonly patients report itching or redness at the application site. This was reported in approximately 4% of patients in a clinical study. Less common side effects include skin darkening and dryness of the eyes.

What happens if I stop using Latisse®?
Latisse® is not permanent and lashes are likely to return to their original length.

Can Latisse® cause unwanted hair growth outside of the treatment area?
Yes, repeated applications of Latisse® may potentially cause hair to grow in other places. It is important to be careful when applying Latisse® and to blot off any excess solution.

Can Latisse® change my eye color?
There is a possible side effect of darkening of the iris that may be permanent. This has been reported very infrequently. Keep Latisse® away from the lower lid and do not apply directly in the eye.

How soon can I see results?
You can expect to see results in as little as 1 month, but you should expect to see full results in 4 months.

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