At home devices, spring 2014 newsletter

Do you have regular facials because you want to brighten your complexion, decongest pores or just improve the health of your skin? We all love how dewy and fresh our complexions look immediately following a facial or a peel. With the PMD Facial Cleansing Device at home cleansing device, you can achieve this look daily! Use your favorite cleanser and the sonic waves from the brush will provide a deep clean that removes dead skin and wakes up your skin!

If you are somebody that has mild to moderate inflammatory acne, but can't make it in to the dermatologist to get the lesion injected, the LightStim® For Acne is the perfect item for you. The LightStim® For Acne is a battery operated blue light that targets the bacteria and inflammation that causes acne. To use, turn the unit on and touch the light to your blemish, hold the LigthStim® For Acne in place until the the device beeps. That's it! No irritation will occur, it is painless and there is no sensitivity to the sun! 

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