Cleaning your makeup brushes

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes: Everything you need to Know.

WHY? Over time dirt and oils from your skin buildup on your makeup brushes, causing bacteria and germs to collect in the bristles. Without regular cleaning of the brushes, bacterial growth can contribute to breakouts. Additionally brushes weaken when makeup and powder builds up inside of them. Bristles become dry/brittle and shed over time, eventually destroying the brush. While synthetic brushes are a bit more durable, natural hair brushes must be cleaned and maintained regularly just like your own hair to stay at their best. Good brushes are an investment you’ll want to protect regardless of what they are made of. Cleaning them regularly can help them last for many years.

WHEN? With regular makeup wear or if you have very oily or sensitive skin, you should spot clean your brushes as often as you use them, and deep clean them at least once a month to avoid bacteria build-up. Spot-cleaning is an easy and convenient way to keep your brushes clean on a daily basis. It cleans and disinfects in seconds, dries instantly and smells great, leaving your brushes refreshed and ready for the next application. It is best to deep clean your brushes every 4-6 weeks with a mild shampoo to maintain them and keep them lasting longer.

HOW? Spot-Cleaning Instructions: 1) You will need a spray brush cleaner such as and a dry wash cloth. 2) Lightly spray a couple pumps of the brush cleaner onto the wash cloth, and apply light pressure back and forth to remove makeup or powder from the brush. Repeat until you see that the brush is clean. Note: DO NOT spray the cleaner directly onto the brush. 3) Brushes are immediately dry and ready for use.

Deep-Cleaning Instructions: 1)You will need a cup, baby shampoo or a gentle liquid soap, rubbing alcohol, a dry towel or paper towels, and a sink area. (You will need to lay out your brushes while you’re washing them and to rinse them.) 2) Put just enough shampoo into the cup to cover the bottom. Then fill the cup just over halfway with water. Add a splash of alcohol and give it a light stir until shampoo has mixed into the water. 3) Dip the brush head (bristles only) down into the water and swirl around until the color starts to come down out of the brush. Note: DO NOT submerge the metal part of brushes in water as it can cause the brushes to loosen and fall apart. 4) Rinse the brush head under warm, running water until it rinses clean. If it has been awhile since you have washed your brushes you may have to repeat the process as necessary. Note: It is VERY important to ensure that brushes are thoroughly rinsed for optimum performance. 5) Gently squeeze the excess water out of the brush head and reshape the brush. Give an extra squeeze to powder brushes or dense foundation brushes, as they can take much longer to dry with excess water left in them. 6) Lay the brushes flat to dry overnight on a clean towel or paper towel. It can take up to a full 24hrs for some brushes to dry completely. Deep-cleaning should leave your brushes soft, fresh and ready to go! 

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