Cupid-approved gifts for your Valentine!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Whether you are gifting a loved one, friend, or getting ready for date night, skinfo® has the perfect item for you!

If you are suffering from winter dryness or looking for that perfectly kissable pout, SkinMedica® Ha5® Smooth & Plump Lip System ($68) addresses all concerns when it comes to the lips! This clinically tested two-step system visibly smooths fine lines. It also enhances lip definition and texture while plumping the appearance of lips. The lips instantly feel hydrated and soft, leaving you ready for date night!

The PMD® Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device ($99) comes in a beautiful blush shade to gift to your Valentine. This waterproof smart cleansing device uses over 7,000 vibrations per minute to deeply cleanse the skin, minimizing the appearance of blackheads, enlarged pores, and reducing oil congestion. The vibrations on the skin allow for a soothing, calming experience while also firming, lifting, and toning problem areas. The silicone brush is antibacterial, and no replacement heads are needed. Additionally, you can flip over the brush and use a pulse setting to help your serums and creams penetrate further, giving additional anti-aging benefits.

Dark, thick, lashes are the definition of flirty. If you’re struggling with volume in the lash realm Lashfood Ultra Rich Volumizing Mascara ($20.00) is the perfect confidence booster! Lashfood Mascara works to repair, protect, and strengthen lashes. Extended release technology allows mascara to continue nourishing lashes even after it has been removed. Lashes begin to appear longer and fuller over time! One swipe of this luxurious and thick formula and you can confidently bat your lashes on all your dates!

The winter months have continued with us constantly running the heat and dehydrating our skin. If you have ever mused aloud, "I wish I could slather my entire body with DefenAge®," then the new DefenAge® 10 Luxe Hand & Body Cream ($138) will be the answer to your call. According to key opinion leaders in aesthetic medicine, this new regenerative anti-aging lotion delivers much more than a product that only feels soft to the touch. This hand and body lotion contains Age-Repair Defensins that wake dormant skin cells to create new skin. As a result, skin becomes firmer, softer, and appears younger, leaving hands totally holdable again.

Colorescience’s Total Eye Concentrate Kit ($119) is the instant pick-me-up for the eyes before any event. This kit exclusively made for the eye area not only contains an eye serum but also hydrogel masks. Total Eye Concentrate is a serum to deliver maximum cooling and hydrating benefits with a combination of firming peptides to visible reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye. The disposable patches are infused with ultra-hydrating ingredients to give the eyes a refreshed dewy finish to them while also improving the appearance dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness. Apply these Total Eye Hydrogel Treatment Masks following Total Eye Concentrate to under eye and let sit for 10-30 minutes. It is the perfect pick me up before applying makeup for any type of date night!

Valentine’s Day gifts can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. Our skinfo® store is staffed with fully licensed estheticians who will be happy to find the perfect gift for your loved one who loves their skin!

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