epionce® skincare new to skinfo®

We are thrilled to welcome epionce® Skincare at skinfo®! While in South Africa, Dr. Taub was inspired by leading Dermatologist, Dr. Carl R. Thornfeldt’s story and his philosophy behind his 30 years of clinical research. His studies went up against many prescription strength products, with results that were nearly equal, with less irritation. His work consists of publications in textbooks about cosmeceuticals, effects of the skin barrier function, drug delivery, as well as herb and disease therapies to name a few.

epionce® is a botanical based skin care line that has 3 major components in all of their products; anti-inflammatory, barrier repair and keratolytic technologies. The botanicals that are in epionce® have therapeutic and healing benefits for sensitive, acneic, psoriasis, eczema, post or pre procedure skin or anyone concerned with anti-aging. That’s what makes it so great. It is so versatile for all skin types and conditions.

Let’s focus on inflammation of the skin. Acute inflammation affects the vascular tissues of the skin that can damage cells. The skin can become red, hot or swelled. While chronic inflammation is prolonged and can be harmful to our overall health. Key ingredients in epionce® such as Date Fruit Extract, Meadowfoam Extract, Apple Fruit Extract and Flax Extract block the formation and activation of these inflammatory factors.

Another major component in all epionce® products are barrier repair technologies. Our skin barrier is our outermost protective layer of our skin. Think of a brick wall. The ‘bricks’ are our skin cells. The ‘cement’ which holds the bricks together, are our lipid molecules. When our skin barrier function is disrupted this allows not only water to escape (dry, dehydrated skin types) but also those flare ups that are found in rosacea, acne and eczema skin conditions. Safflower Extract, Avocado Extract, Meadowfoam Extract, Phytosterols and Phytosphingosine in epionce® help strengthen and repair the natural skin barrier. This allows the product molecules create micro pathways into the skin without destroying the barrier.

Finally, epionce® has Keratolylic Technologies. Keratoylic is used to soften keratin on the skin. They breakdown any surface skin cell build up. They also increase cell turnover, clear pores, and retexturize skin. For someone suffering from Keratosis pilaris, they have an overproduction of skin cells commonly causing rough bumpy patches of the skin. Using epionce® Lytic products help smooth skin texture with Salicylic Acid. Common ingredients in epionce® are Azelaic Acid, Zinc Pyrithione, Salicylic Acid, and Willow Bark Extract all which help encourage cell turnover. epionce® is about repairing the skin.

We are exposed to environmental stressors, over-the-counter products with harsh unknown chemicals as well as unbreathable, pore-clogging makeup that is wrecking havic on our skin every day. A lot of this is in fact making our skin conditions worse! Nourish, repair and strengthen your skin with epionce®.

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