Fact or Myth? Do Certain Diets and Foods Affect Your Skin?

Have you ever eaten chocolate and dreaded the idea that you're probably going to start breaking out? Well I'm here to figure out whether eating different foods really affects your skin.      

So, I ask the question, Fact or Myth? Do certain diets and foods affect your skin? FACT!  In regards to what you eat you must eat everything in moderation! With extensive research, leading dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur has said, so far food is only 25% of the reason why your skin is in the condition it is, especially when it comes to acne.  When it comes to acne, a lot of it can be due to stress, and hormone levels. You must make sure the food group that can contains hormones, such as dairy which can set off the oil glands, is eaten in moderation for what is recommended for your body type. If possible, it’s recommended to have dairy that is hormone-free.

For those interested in how to prevent wrinkles, foods rich in antioxidants will help against free radicals that cause the break down in collagen along with pigmentation.  Some foods which are antioxidant enriched would be oranges, grapefruit, sweet potatoes, nuts, olive oil, and avocados. Lean meat is another food that is considered the "building block" for collagen. Salmon is a great example! Eating anything that contains the Omega-3 fatty acids also helps in elasticity and hydration of the skin. It also gives the epidermis layer of the skin (the top layer) more of a dewy look.     

For those concerned with acne, check out Neocutis Neocleanse Cleanser. It contains glycolic acid to exfoliate, and glycerin to provide some hydration. Or if you're looking for a spot treatment, check out Epionce Lytic Tx, which contains almost 2% salicylic acid to clear congested pores.     

For those concerned with fine lines and wrinkles and  looking to give themselves more hydration try skinfo HydrA2GE. This product contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate and retain moisture in the skin, but also contains peptides to firm and plump fine lines and wrinkles.     

Everyone should have their antioxidant protection (Vitamin C, E, Green Tea, or Coffee Berry Extract) daily. A great product would be skinfo Brightening Vitamin C Serum. It contains bearberry extract to give you the added protection against free radical damage, which causes pigmentation. 

With the research done, eating all the basic food groups in moderation allows us to be healthier inside and out. Anything you take into your body will affect your skin in some way, it may not affect you 100% but at least some of it will.

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(Disclosure: We are not dieticians, nutritionists or medical doctors. This article is based off the research we've done as estheticians. If you have concerns with the foods you're eating please consult a nutritionist or dietician for more information.)

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