Fight winter weather to heal and protect skin.

Cold temperatures bring wind burn, chapped skin, lips, itchy, cracking, bleeding, and flakey skin. Welcome to winter in Chicago! Protecting your largest organ with the right skincare products is essential. Exfoliating your skin sloughs off those dead skin cells to allow new ones to speed up. Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash (6.7fl oz-$31.50) gently cleanses and exfoliates with Glycolic Acid to leave skin bright and refreshed. Gentle enough to use daily. Moisturizing right after you get out of shower while your skin is still moist is key. This allows your skin to act like a sponge allowing your moisturizer to absorb better into your skin.

Don’t forget to protect your hands and lips! Avene’s Cold Cream Hand & Lip Essentials ($27) the hand cream is a rich, non-greasy cream to nourish and soothe to protect dry, cracked skin. Cold Cream Lip Cream is an ultra-rich, sheer formula protects and smoothes dry, chapped lips with immediate relief. *All prices are subject to change.  Please refer to product page for product pricing.

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