Finding time for skincare as a mom

Finding time for yourself when you are a mom can be challenging!  When I first became a new mom, squeezing in a moment to take a shower was the most luxurious skincare treatment I could give myself! I commend you if you find time for shaving.  I was lucky to find time for laser hair removal before pregnancy. I never did stray from my skincare habits, like washing my face before bed no matter how exhausted I felt (try skinfo Vital Tea Ultra Cleanser, $31). But, during my pregnancy I did look for products that would be safe for me and my baby. What I realized is that I did not have to change my skincare routine much at all during and post pregnancy. 

Most new moms fear that applying skincare products on their skin may contribute to harmful side effects once the baby is born.  This thought process is a legitimate concern.  After all, many of us who are first time moms lay awake at night stressing out that the extra bitefuls of a tuna sandwich and gorgonzola cheese, might have caused some harm to the fetus.  Now, worrying about ingredients in skincare products  is a stress we don't want to take on, especially, when we are too busy picking out the perfect lead free color paint and an organic crib sheet. If you continue to have doubts as to which skincare products to use, seek advice from your doctor or dermatologist.  Lucky for me, I work for dermatologist, Dr. Amy Forman Taub who researches skincare and product ingredients to advise moms on skincare during and post pregnancy.  Skincare can not only help you to maintain that pregnancy glow, but it will continue to keep your skin looking healthy and young. To protect against skin cancer and aging, you should be using an antioxidant (SkinCeuticals Phloretin, $163) and a sunscreen (skinfo® Vita Matte Tinted SPF 50+, $43, also contains anti-aging ingredients).  Don't be afraid to try peptides which stimulate collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.  Neocutis MicroDay, $166 is a great product to use as it serves as both sunscreen and peptide. To treat acne, try the Glytone Mini Gel Peel, $62 with Glycolic Acid (a fruit based acid, which is safe to use during pregnancy) to gently exfoliate the skin. Your baby will look at you lovingly and think you are the most beautiful mommy no matter how sleep deprived you look or how many sun spots you see in the mirror.  If wrinkles (you must have some wrinkles to look natural, so smile away at your nugget) and age spots bother you, know that you CAN use effective skincare to correct and treat your concerns while you are pregnant and breast feeding.  Look to skinfo's page, Expecting Mothers, to guide you as to which products are best suited for your skin. During your pregnancy, don't neglect your skin.  It is just as important as your diet and exercise regimen.  Your baby and your skin will love you for it! *Pricing on products is subject to change.

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