How To Layer Products

It can be a challenge to build the perfect skincare regimen. First, you must figure out which ingredients work for your skin type. Then, you have to find something that feels good on your skin. And finally, you must find something that works to improve your skin. Now that you have established your skincare routine, the next question is…in what order do I apply all of these products?

Of course, you always need to start by cleansing your skin. If wearing makeup, you will want to cleanse twice to ensure your makeup is removed and your skin is completely clean. If you use any prescription products such as acne medication or a retinoid, this will go on next. The rule of thumb is to layer your products from thinnest to thickest in consistency. Typically, serums have a small molecular size to penetrate deep into the skin, so that will likely be your next step.

Woman applying cream to cheek

If you use multiple serums, apply the serum that addresses your main concern first. In most cases, you will begin with an antioxidant serum such as vitamin C during the day, followed by a serum that helps with pigment, anti-aging, or hydration. It's always good to give yourself a minute in between products so they can absorb. I usually suggest that patients apply a product, brush their teeth, layer another product, get dressed, etc.

The time of day will determine your next couple of steps. If it's daytime, apply your eye cream, then moisturizer, and SPF last. If you are doing your routine at night, next would be your retinol, eye cream, and finish with a moisturizer.

Keep in mind that depending on what you use, there may be exceptions to these guidelines. For example, some brands tell you to apply the moisturizer before the serum. Also, some vitamin Cs and retinol instruct you to use twice a day instead of just once. You want to be sure to read the instructions on your products before you use them. Please reach out to your estheticians or skin care specialists at skinfo® to find the perfect products for your skin.

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