Layering products, winter 2015 newsletter

There are products for acne that will contain ingredients such as salicylic and glycolic acid, both of which dissolves surface dead skin cell build up that can block pores. However, you can over-exfoliate your skin resulting in increased oil production making your skin worse. When it comes to layering, there are some products that you don’t want to layer, such as retinol and glycolic. These two ingredients are both exfoliants that are dissolving dead skin cell build up. Layering them may cause redness, dryness, peeling or flaking (there are some extremely oily individuals that can do well with this combination). You also don’t want to layer benzoyl peroxide and prescription product dapsone (Aczone®). They actually counteract each other and can make the skin yellow or orange. Not all layering is bad though. When layering products you want to apply the thinnest consistency first and move to the thickest (unless instructed otherwise by your provider). Thinner products like serums would be followed with gels, lotions, creams and finally, balms or ointments. Always remember that sunscreen is the final step before makeup during the day as it is the first line of defense when you step outside (if it has zinc oxide in it). Some people like to layer (product enthusiasts) and some don’t like it (time managers). You can always inform the estheticians where you fall. We have multi-functional products (more than one function per product) for you time strapped people, and individual products for those who love the experience of skincare.

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