Louboutins & Revision Revox 7... the finer things in life!

Would you buy a killer pair of Louboutins, then use them to trek through the mud? Of course not! So why are some of our patients spending top dollar to get Botox from some of the finest providers around (if I do say so myself) then doing nothing to help maintain results? If you get a peel, you need SPF to protect you investment. If you get Botox, you need Revision Revox 7! Revox 7 is a lightweight, oil free gel serum that is actually designed to be paired with in office treatments. Clinical levels of seven different peptides work to soften muscles in the treatment area and enhance results. Revox 7 is also an amazing alternative for those patients that aren't quite ready to go under the needle. Use it to spot treat lines around the eyes, forehead, and mouth. Its super light formula pairs easily with any skincare routine. So get your money's worth and pick up some today!

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