NEW DefenAge® PRO Line

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As some of you may know, Dr. Taub was part of the DefenAge® clinical study before it launched in the market. We were one of the first accounts in the country to start carrying the DefenAge® skincare line, which was very exciting! Today, DefenAge® is still one of our top-selling skincare lines at skinfo® due to their unique technology backed by science and Dr. Taub herself!

The DefenAge® claim to fame is their defensins. So, what are defensins? Defensins are messaging molecules found naturally in our bodies. They are produced in our skin when there is a wound and signal to create new skin.

DefenAge® has figured out how to make an identical copy of these human defensins in their skincare. These defensins turn on highly-specific resting stem cells to help repair the skin and produce new, healthy skin cells. So why is this important in skincare? Well, as we age, our cell turnover rate slows down. We use topical skincare to try to improve our old skin. However, DefenAge® is building new, younger skin, solely on how it's targeting the highly-specific stem cells in our bodies. With that, you get the same wound healing response but without wounding the skin (microneedling, lasers, etc.). Not all skincare lines can do this. In return, you are achieving fast results, overall brightening of the skin, improving pore size, a non­irritating retinol alternative, and an easy, simple routine that anyone can do.

So, what makes the new DefenAge® PRO line different, you may ask? Anywhere to 5-10x more defensins. The PRO line is exclusive to physician offices only, so you will not find it anywhere online, even on the DefenAge® website. Also, DefenAge® is giving you even MORE product by bumping up the 8-in-1 Bioserum size & 2 Minute Reveal Mask by a half-ounce.

To learn more about the DefenAge® PRO line please call or text 847-459-2800!

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