Preparing Your Skin for Lasers & How to Maintain Results

Skin resurfacing lasers can significantly improve many issues such as sun damage and wrinkles. However, it is a good idea to prepare for these treatments to ensure you get the best results. Darker skin types or people who are prone to hyperpigmentation benefit by using pigment suppressing products prior to laser. The provider may prescribe a hydroquinone product such as skinfo® Bright RX ($110, 1.6 oz) to inhibit melanin (pigment) production. In addition, all skin types should be wearing an SPF daily because the healthier the skin is, the better it will respond to the treatment.

After your laser resurfacing treatment, you will go home with a post treatment regimen and instructions on how to proceed the days following. The epionce® Essential Recovery Kit ($33, 3.85 fl oz) has everything you need to soothe and calm sensitized skin. Keeping the skin well hydrated is an important element for the healing process. Using a hydration spray like Avene® Thermal Spring Water Spray ($9, 1.6 fl oz) will bring down the temperature of the skin and can be used as needed.

Protecting your skin post-treatment is crucial and using a full spectrum sunblock such as skinfo® Pure Protection Ultra ($43, 4 fl oz) is mandatory. This all-mineral block contains 20% zinc oxide to protect even the most sensitive skin from harmful UV rays. Continued use of a daily SPF will be the best thing you can do to maximize the results post-laser. Adding a product to boost collagen production like DefenAge® 8-in-1 Bioserum ($165, 1 fl oz) into your
daily regimen helps you to achieve the optimal outcome from your laser rejuvenation. This biologically advanced serum will continue to improve the overall health of your skin and will continue to get better over time!

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