Products the Entire Family Can Use, Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter

EltaMDUVPureBroadSpectrumSPF47_and_SPF50skinfo® carries many skincare products your whole family can use! Everyone should be wearing sunscreen year-round, but especially as we get into the warmer months, you’ll want to make sure your family is protected. Affordable protection for the entire body (you can use it on the face too) starts with EltaMD® UV Pure Broad Spectrum SPF 47 ($24, 4oz), an economical sunscreen safe for the entire family with no allergens or fragrance. If you are going to be biking, hiking or playing tennis, we would recommend EltaMD® UV Sport SPF 50 ($23, 3oz), also fragrance free, which tends to hold up better to sweat and doesn’t run into the eyes. For a feel most like a daily moisturizer with no tackiness and sunscreen odor, we recommend EltaMD® UV Shield SPF 45 Oil-Free ($25, 3oz). We have so many facial sunscreens but men and teenagers seem to prefer the EltaMD® UV Clear SPF 46 ($32, 1.75oz) or the skinfo® Vita Lite Protect Sunscreen SPF 50+ ($31 for 2oz) and for ultimate protection with 20% zinc we recommend skinfo® Pure Protection Ultra ($43, 3.5oz). It gives the best protection and it’s even great for sensitive or very fair skin. When picking a sunscreen for your family, you’ll want to pay attention to the percentage of zinc contained within the product because the zinc serves as a physical shield from UV rays. Chose a sunscreen that contains 5% zinc or more. Most drugstore sunscreens offer only chemical protection, which means the chemicals have to be absorbed into the skin AND the sun’s rays have to penetrate the skin before the sunscreen can do its job. skinfoVitaLiteProtectSunscreenSPF50_and_PureProtectionReapplication is just as important! Colorescience Sunforgettable® SPF 30 Brushes ($57, 0.21oz) make it easy for everyone to reapply their sunscreen throughout the day, whether dad is on the golf course or the kids are at the pool, because it’s a water-resistant powder. This mineral powder sunscreen has the zinc and titanium dioxide you want in a sunscreen, with the ability to easily swipe it on with a brush applicator throughout the day. These brushes last a LONG time and it feels so cooling when applied, even over sweat. This product is great for use in the middle of a tennis match, at the 9th hole of the golf course or at a water break while biking or hiking, since there is no messy cream to get on your hands or melt in your bag. Remember to reapply every 80 minutes to make sure you’re effectively preventing yourself against premature aging and sun damage! ColorescienceSunforgettableSPF30BrushesMany people experience dry skin in winter, but sun exposure in the spring and summer can dry out your skin as well. Epionce Priming Oil ($50, 2oz) is a super light healing moisturizer that can be used on the face and body. Made up of coconut oil, safflower oil, and meadowfoam oil, the Priming Oil is often used post-procedure, so it is safe for those with sensitivities but also great for everyday use. In addition to pre- and post-treatment though, it can be used to help with eczema, psoriasis, dry hands/cuticles, chapped lips, makeup removal, burns, diaper rash, and scarring. It’s really a great anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial product to have on hand. For moderate to severe dryness, we recommend Epionce Medical Barrier Cream ($24, 2.5oz or $46, 8oz) for the best barrier repair moisturizer you have ever tried. This works for dry skin anywhere (face, body, heels, hands, lips), is not greasy, and does not have any fragrance. EpionceMedicalBarrierCreamWhether you’re 16 or 60, dealing with acne or anti-aging, adding a gentle exfoliator to your regimen can improve tone and texture of your skin. The Epionce Lytics ($54, 1.7 fl oz) are three products of varying strengths of Salicylic Acid that everyone can use to gently and non-abrasively exfoliate. While many people benefit from using a retinol at night, those with sensitive skin may not be able to tolerate it, due to peeling or redness. The Epionce Lytic products are a great alternative that still smooth texture and imperfections, while also reducing inflammation due to blemishes, decrease black- or whiteheads and diminish pore size. Lite Lytic Tx (1.7 fl oz) is best for dry/sensitive types, Lytic Tx (1.7 fl oz) for combination/normal, and Lytic Plus Tx (1.7 fl oz) for combination/oily. Stop into skinfo® and any of our Licensed Estheticians can help you determine what products would be best for you and your family!

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