Skincare Boot Camp

Skincare Boot Camp: Week One Jumpstarting A New Routine By Whitney Baker

I’ve known for years I should be taking better care of my skin. But for some reason, I couldn’t commit. I’d indulge in a new eye cream and then forget to use it. I’d slather on a random facemask the night before a big event and hope for a miracle. And, hardest to admit, I slacked on sunscreen. I’ve committed a host of skincare sins. But with another birthday right around the corner, I’m finally ready to make amends. Before putting time and money towards my complexion, I sought advice from somebody credible.

That’s how I landed at Advanced Dermatology and skinfo® skincare boutique, founded in tandem by a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Amy Forman Taub. My experience was a far cry from meandering the department store beauty counters and hoping for the best. My office visit started with a detailed skin evaluation. The Advanced Dermatology team used an imaging system that goes below the skin’s surface to provide a better picture of what’s contributing to common complexion concerns like wrinkles, breakouts and redness. They used this information to customize a skincare regimen for me comprised of products hand selected by medical professionals.

My CORE 4 Kick Off My new routine follows the “CORE 4” skincare system, designed by Dr. Taub. Dr. Taub recommends using a product from each of the below “CORE 4” product categories: 1) Sunscreen (skinfo® Vita Matte Tinted SPF 50+ Sunscreen): Protect your skin by wearing a sunscreen year round. Dr. Taub recommends a sunscreen with a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 and five percent zinc oxide. 2) Antioxidant (skinfo® C Synergy Serum): Defend you skin with an antioxidant. Experts say these products help prevent free-radical damage from sun exposure, pollution and other environmental hazards, while also reducing existing signs of aging. 3) Exfoliant (epionce Lytic TX): Sweep away dry surface skin cells regularly. This often-overlooked step will help combat common skin concerns and reveal a healthier glow. 4) Growth Factor (Neocutis Bio Cream with PSP): Stimulate new collagen growth. Growth factor products help people achieve younger looking skin by softening wrinkles and boosting firmness.

Microcurrent Boost I am looking to jumpstart my skincare routine and know I need to see results fast in order to stay committed. So I’m complimenting my new CORE 4 system with an over-the-counter, microcurrent device called the NUFACE Trinity Pro, , which I use on my face for five minutes daily. It’s intended to stimulate facial muscles – like a workout for your face – and improve facial contour and skin tone. I was skeptical of the device at first, but in less than a week became a believer in what some industry insiders call the “five-minute facelift.” After a week, I am totally comfortable with the device and use it while I watch the news. And, best of all, I see an immediate lift each time.

After a week of skincare boot camp, I feel encouraged. Changing habits isn’t easy, but having a clear plan – especially one backed by medical professionals – gives me confidence that I’m taking the right steps. I feel more educated about skincare and am motivated to take care of my complexion. There will be no more bad buys and no more half-used creams buried in my bathroom drawers. This time around, I’ve got serious skin in the game. *Whitney's other skinfo® products on her bathroom counter. Neocutis Lumiere Eye Cream with PSP, .

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