So what's the big deal about Mineral Makeup?

Introducing......skinfo’s MINERAL MAKEUP BRANDS!

Here at skinfo we offer 3 brands (ColoreScience, glo Skin Beauty, and skinfo) of physician dispensed pharmaceutical-grade MINERAL makeup that is free of many of chemical irritants, dyes and perfumes that usually cause or contribute to breakouts, clogs pores, and leaves your skin less than its best...

Sooo....Why Mineral Makeup as opposed to any other kind?

Mineral makeup is natural, allows your skin to breathe, and does not hinder any skincare treatments or topicals you may be using, so essentially,  it helps to improve the tone and texture of your skin as you wear it. This is particularly good news for those with sensitive skin, rosacea, ance-prone or very oily skin. Also it usually contains chemical-free physical sunscreen. It's versatile as far as coverage, from sheer to full. There is no good reason for anyone NOT to be able to wear mineral makeup.

 What makes these mineral makeup brands so different??

As physician-dispensed products, each of these brands offer mineral makeup without all the empty buffers and fillers.  It’s the buffers and fillers that can prevent you from receiving the full benefits of the ingredients that actually help improve your skin and protect it from damage that we all encounter from the sun and environmental toxins. That means no scary-long laundry lists of chemicals on the back of these products or wondering what on earth they may be doing to your skin.

Also when you step into Skinfo to get color-matched, you are being matched by Licensed Skincare professionals that are trained to asses your particular skin concerns as it relates to makeup (and skincare) for the long-term health and improvement of your skin. No pushy sales people with far-fetched recommendations. Come in for a complimentary application of any of our mineral makeup products to wear for the day and see how it works for your skin, or grab a sample if available. These tried and true brands continue to be outstanding favorites for our employees and customers alike. We are positive that you will love them too!


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