Stepping Out This Summer? Don't Forget Your Sunscreen!

Once the weather begins to warm up, we can look forward to longer days and more sunshine. It’s time to give your skin routine a spring cleaning! Start by going through your skincare products and throw away any that are expired or any sunscreen over a year old. When in doubt, throw it out!

After months of dry air and being indoors, skin can get dehydrated and may even lose radiance. Try adding exfoliation into your regimen to remove layers of dead skin. Exfoliation is crucial because the accumulation of keratinized cells prevents your skincare products from properly absorbing. Revision® Brightening Facial Wash ($36, 6.7 fl oz) uses alpha and beta hydroxy acids with brightening botanicals to dissolve unproductive skin cells.

As the daylight hours and temps begin to increase, so should your level of sun
protection. To give your skin an extra layer of defense, use an antioxidant in the morning under your moisturizer and SPF. A vitamin C serum like SkinCeuticals® Phloretin CF ($166 1 fl oz) will enhance protection against environmental damage and boost the skin’s ability to prevent DNA impairments that could lead to skin cancer.

Just as we swap our pants for shorts on hotter days, you might want to lighten up on your moisturizer. Extra humidity and warmth can exacerbate oil production. You don’t want to skip out on moisturizing altogether as oily skin can get dehydrated. skinfo® Vita Lite Protect SPF 50 ($31, 2 oz) is a moisturizing sunscreen that has 14% zinc oxide with green tea polyphenols, resveratrol, vitamins A, C, E, and Co-Q10.

During the hottest summer days, try to avoid sun exposure during the peak hours of 11–2, and if you can’t, be sure to wear protective clothing. Sunscreen should be reapplied at LEAST every 2 hours. Re-application on the go is easy with the colorescience® Sunforgettable® Total Protection Brush ($69, 0.21 oz). This award-winning SPF mineral powder contains EnviroScreen technology with patented active ingredients that protect against UV, pollution, Blue (HEV) light, and infrared radiation.

At skinfo® our Licensed Estheticians are available year-round to help make sure your regimen meets the needs of your skin any time of year!

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