Summer Breakouts

Summer is a great time in Chicago but can also pose a challenge for our acne-prone skin. Breakouts are common both in our teenagers and moms and dads alike. Several different aspects can contribute to our breakouts such as heat, sweating, and the sun.

Bacteria known as P. Acnes, which is one of the contributing factors to our breakouts, loves when we sweat and proliferates in these conditions. Using cleansers such as skinfo® Clear Skin Aloe, skinfo® Essential Cleanser, or Glytone Mild Gel Wash all help cleanse the skin as well as assist in killing the bacteria. For our athletes, skinfo® Clean and Tone Pads help immediately after practice or during long training sessions to keep your skin clean and clear. It is also important to thoroughly clean all athletic equipment after each workout. Wiping down with alcohol pads is a good way to keep bacterial counts down on our helmets and equipment.

Sun protection is of the utmost importance in keeping our skin youthful and clear. Choosing the right sunblock that protects your skin without contributing to your breakouts is crucial. Look at the labels and make sure it says oil free, non-comedogentic. Using Zinc Oxide of 5% or greater in your sunblock gives you the best protection and can calm down some of the redness acne may cause. Sunblock such as EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46, skinfo® Vita Lite Protect SPF 50, and Colorescience Sunforgettable® Powder SPF 50 are great sunblock options for the summer, and beyond. 

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