Sunkissed spring, spring 2014 newsletter

With winter behind us, and summer quickly approaching, many people yearn for a sunkissed look.  This look is so easy and achievable to do, without damaging our beautiful skin with UVA/UVB rays from outdoor and indoor tanning. Using the right makeup will wake up your skin without risking damage from rays.

1. Take your flat head brush and load it up with the glo Skin Beauty Bronze Kiss Bronzer. 2. Start by outlining the hairline. 3. Suck in your cheeks, making a “fish” face and continue just under your cheek bones. 4. Finish by sweeping the brush just under the jaw line. This complete motion should look like an “E”. Repeat on the other side of your face. 5. Using the highlighter in the glo Skin Beauty Bronze Kiss and small angled brush in the draw a “C” above the brows, ending on the top of your cheek bone. 6. Take the clean blush brush and in circular motions retrace & blend. 7. Apply Fresh Coral with loaded blush brush to the apples of your cheeks.

Polish this Sunkissed look with a copper, or metallic eye shadow. Finish with ColoreScience® Lip Shine SPF 35.

Tips: Always blend! Blending the face and neck is the essential key to having a well-balanced and natural look.  Tapping your brush after reloading it, on a hard surface will help reduce messy fall out of excess powder.


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