What makes the restorsea PRO line so special

Whether or not your palette likes salmon, your skin will benefit and love the results from the special ingredient found in the restorsea PRO line. The story behind the skincare line begins in Western Norway on a tour of a salmon hatchery half way up a mountain, where the founder of restorsea PRO, Patti Pao, first discovered the power of what is now the line’s proprietary ingredient, Aquabeautine XL.  Patti noticed how the workers’ hands appeared - the skin on their hands looked as if they were in their 20s, while their faces looked much older than their actual age.

What is Aquabeautine XL? Unlike chickens that can peck their way out of their shells, baby salmon need extra help. Due to the fact salmon egg shells are tough and rubbery, they release an enzyme in order to get out of their shells when they are ready to be born. When this enzyme (Aqaubeautine XL) is applied to human skin, it digests and breaks down the dead skin cells, leaving the living cells intact, thus revealing fresh, bright skin! The hatchery workers’ hands looked so youthful due to the fact that they were continuously submerged in the hatching water, receiving consistent exfoliation – without any redness, irritation, or flaky skin. This special hatching enzyme is too large to penetrate past the second layer of skin. Aqaubeautine XL is designed ONLY to break down dead skin cells, unlike smaller molecules including retinols and acids that work by chemically burning through layers of cells, thus resulting in photosensitivity and red, flaky skin. 

Beneficial for all skin types, the restorsea PRO line is formulated with naturally-derived ingredients and contains no parabens, silicone, or mineral oil. Studies have shown that products containing Aquabeautine XL can be safely applied on top of retinols, or even immediately post-peel to calm redness. Furthermore, the products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, will not clog pores, completely cruelty-free, and are safe for all skin types including sensitive skin, and during pregnancy. Women who are pregnant or nursing can continue with an exfoliant such as the restorsea PRO Intensive Treatment 10x and can substitute this product in lieu of any retinols. The restorsea PRO Intensive Treatment 10x also is a perfect choice for those who cannot tolerate retinols or glycolic acid when incorporating an exfoliant into their CORE 4 Anti-Aging skincare regimen developed by Dr. Taub. For puffy, tired, and aging eyes, the restorsea PRO Firming Eye Serum reveals tighter and younger skin around the eye area when applied at night, in the morning, or when you want to reduce puffiness throughout the day.

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