Which Skin Condition Is A Bigger Concern In Your State Than Others?

Skin conditions seem to be a universal worry. Even supermodels and celebrities have been open about their struggles, citing issues like acne and aging skin. One soap opera star recently went so far as to leave her show temporarily, due to severe acne breakouts.

Many people take to the Internet to try to resolve skin conditions on their own. So Google search statistics can be very telling when it comes to what people are struggling with in different parts of the country. Nationwide, acne is the top skin concern, based on Google search volume. This isn’t too surprising, given that acne strikes a wide range of age groups, from preteens to middle-aged adults.

Search trends tend to be predicable in other ways, too. For instance, states that attract a large number of retirees, like Florida and Arizona, see heavy search volume for aging skin.

Rosacea––a skin disease that causes redness and swelling on the face––is most common in individuals with fair skin, typically of Scandinavian or Celtic ancestry. As expected, searches for rosacea are particularly high in areas with large populations of such people, like in Minnesota, Montana and much of New England.

Age spots often top the list of skin conditions searched in states known for active, outdoor lifestyles, like Alaska and Idaho. Age spots usually result from sun exposure, and occur on uncovered areas of the body, like the face, back of hands, shoulders and arms.

Conversely, active indoor lifestyles may be the source of skin problems in Nevada and New Jersey. These two states, home to gambling hot spots Las Vegas and Atlantic City, see a large number of Google searches for dark circles under the eyes, which can be caused by a lack of sleep.

Oily skin is another common concern. Hot, humid weather tends to increase oil production from sebaceous glands. It’s no wonder, then, that searches about oily skin are high in areas known for humidity, like Texas and Alabama. People with oily skin may have issues with enlarged pores, as well. The humid states of Hawaii, Louisiana and Georgia are among those leading the way with the most searches about enlarged pores.

Meanwhile, environmental factors can also lead to the opposite problem––dry skin. Winter conditions can present real challenges for many people. Dry skin can result from not just harsh winter weather, but also from indoor heating sources such as fireplaces, central heating and space heaters. Dry skin is the number one skin condition searched in Connecticut, Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming.

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